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The following Sallmann family tree I received from Karl Heinrich Reinhold S. in Aachen/Germany. He died in July 2002 with an age of 101 years. His relatives are living today in in the area of Aachen, Cologne and Mainz. Some of his ancestors emigrated to the United States, to Austria and Hungary.

Karl published this book because his children asked him. He wrote:
“It is not proven, but our decedents lived in the 16th century, but surely in the beginning of the 17th century a few miles away from the spring on the eastern side of the river Werra. The oldest proven decedent was Kaspar, born in Wartha in the year 1624. He was a miller. It is interesting to know that the second profession besides being a miller, he was known as a notary, which refers to the origination of the name Sallmann.
The first Sallmann who crossed the river Werra was Johann Karl Bernhard Ernst (*March 07, 1758 - February 02, 1838). He was a vicar in Caldern (close to Kassel) and in Suess (close to Bebra).

Although the names are very similar a connection between Sallmann and the little village called Sallmannshausen, which is just 2 walking hours away from Wartha, can not be proved.”

A young man explores the world

Karl Heinz Sallmann

It is worth mentioning that a member of this family tree was knighted in 1917 by the Austrian Kaiser Karl I. He gave Paul Sallmann the permission to change his surname into "von Sallmann". He was allowed to give the name to his decendents. Today the decendents are not using the “von” any more. I received a copy of the announcement from Ingrid Jaschke, which is just available in German yet (Link). She was born as a “von Sallmann”. Today she is living in Treffen /Austria.


 (All data displayed in this family tree and the following table have been created to the best of my knowledge and provision of information)

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