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I have received 5 different arms of our family, which are all different. The original description was made by H. Scheffler. He described an arm which a Rudolf Sallmann received in the year 1560 in Dresden/Germany.

Arm: The escutcheon is split in blue and black colours, above a blue waken, golden lion, below a black and two golden clover-leaf. The helmet is open and crowned, on top of it there is another little lion.

Cover of the Helmet: right blue and golden color, left black and gold.

Meaning: The golden lion in the blue part means power and strength. The two golden cover-leafs means the well growing of the family. The open and crowned helmet is meaning the well descent, the lion on top means power and strength as well. Blue  means loyalty, stability, black means humility, the colour gold means authority and sovereignity.

 Die Wappen der Familie:

The arm on the left belongs to the knighted Family ‘von Sallmann’ in Austria. I received the picture of the arm from Ingrid Jaschke, she was born as a ‘von Sallmann’. Further infomation will be availabale here soon.
Feel free to look at the German page. (Sorry. a translation is not available.)

The Familie ‘von Sallmann’ is part of the Aachener family tree/ Germany.

The arm dated from the 12 century originated by Dieter S. who lives in Neuenstadt/Germany:

...and this one I received from  Robert S. living in Amriswil/ Switzerland:


This arm belongs to Michael Sallmann. He decided due to his profession to generate a new one for his familiy. The arm was created and registered by the Wappen Herold in June 2011.

The Pfungstadt page in Englsih does not exist at the moment. Have a look on ther German Pfungstaft page.


....found within the Latin translation which you can find here