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Welcome to my Genealogy-Homepage of the family Sallmann!
I have decided to dedicate my homepage to genealogy. 17 years ago, I started this interesting and exciting hobby - mainly in wintertime. Other Sallmanns “were bitten by the same bug”. If there are any other Sallmann in Germany or worldwide, who is interested in genealogy, tracing his or her descendants and reading about the Sallmann history, he/she is highly welcome.

I would, however, like to publish more interesting stories about our family, which you can send me anytime. What I have discovered so far is surely only a small fraction, but hopefully together with other interested Sallmanns we might be able to create an information WEB Database. Would you like to be a part of it?
Some of our ancestors moved out of Europe in the 19th century to the United States and Australia. Have a look at the tabular data of the Aachen /Germany, the Frankfurt/Main /Germany, the Amriswil/Switzerland family page, where some descendants were marked in light green letters.
I contacted Tony in Australia, who lives there in the 3rd Generation. Bernt from Sweden is the latest member, who provided me his data. I hope there is someone outside who can help him.

Therefor I would like to thank

 Anthony S. from Toorak (Australia)
Bernt S. from Karlskoga (Sweden)
 Christa Schoenfelder from Ronnenberg (Germany)
 Claus S.from Weinstadt (Germany)
 Dieter S.from Neuenstadt (Germany)
Ingrid Jaschke from Treffen (Austria)
 Karl S. from Aachen and his son Klaus S. from Mainz (Germany)
Michael S. from Pfungstadt
 Max-Peter S. from Germersheim (Germany)
Robert S. from Amriswil (Switzerland)

for kindly providing me valuable information about their family tree or for their support. If you would like to contact one of the above, please click here

A list of German/Austrian and Swiss emigrants are available on the emigrants page.

In April 2003 I organized the second Sallmann family reunion in Bad Koestritz, where different Sallmann members had the possibility to meet each other. If there is another reunion in the future I do not know yet!


The program Win - ancestors helped me a lot with the quantity of the data. The program is in German, but I guess there are existing English ones. If your program is able to read a Gedcom-file we are able to share the information.