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The Sallmann family trees
Because of I have not found the origin Sallmann of all published family trees so far, I have chosen the origination of the genealogist for each family tree. There are just two family trees, which come from the same area in Bohemia, all others were founded in other areas of Germany.
The Family trees from Amriswil/Switzerland and Frankfurt/Main (Germany) their origin Sallmann come from two villages which are just 2 miles away. The one is called Fuerstenwalde (Knizeci), the other Gross-Schoenau (Velky Senov). Another Sallmann from Austria told me that his decendents came from the town Rumburg, which is just 6 miles away from the before mentioned villages. There are not any documents available any more.
A map about the origination of the now known family trees will be available soon.

To date I was able to incorporate 3 family trees. The result is a large family tree from Neuenstadt. It is remarkable, that the famous composer and organist Johann Sebastian Bach niece married Gottfried Sallmann in 1774. Up to now the complete story is just available in German.

Just in case you can provide me with new information about your Sallmanns, I would appreciate it, if you would allow me to publish it. On request I will send you a paper print of your family tree. Maybe together we are able to find additional family connections. At the moment there are 7 family trees and background stories available:


One family tree from Sallmann’s in Australia     

  • Family tree of Anthony F. S. from Melbourne/Australia (122 data)

Five family trees from Sallmann’s in Germany     

  • Family tree found by Claus S. , which could be incorporated into the Neuenstaedter family tree. In 1967 the father of Claus found a new small Sallmann family tree about a relationship between a Sallmann and the famous Bach family. In December 2002 the data could be incorporated into the Neuenstaedter family tree as well (19 data).
  • Family tree of Dieter S. from Neuenstadt and Claus S. from Weinstadt/Germany (168 data)
     - 3 family trees could be incorporated as well the Bach family tree.
  • Family tree of Karl S. from Aachen/Germany (210 data)
  • Family tree of Klaus-Dieter S. from Frankfurt/M. and Mannheim /Germany (136 data)
  • Family tree of Michael S. from Pfungstadt/Germany ( 89 Daten)

One family tree from Sallmann’s in Switzerland    

  • Family tree of Robert S. from Amriswil/Switzerland (167 data)