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Sallmanns originally came from Silesia (old German Map Under Construct.), but  there are a few Sallmanns who also came from Sudetenland  (Bohemia) and Saxony (no English information available). Please find a link to the source of German Genealogy.

Our Surname:
Our surname "Sallmann" has the following meaning. But there might be some other possibilities as well:

"Sallmann is a business-name. The lawyer Hermann discovered, in a study from 1724, that the name existed since the 13th century. It has something to do with the English word to "sell". It means to sell something attested by a notary. The Salmann was a notary according to Franconian law. He certified an estate-deal by using his Salbook (this is still typical today in Bavaria and Austria). The name of the notary is still used in Switzerland.

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Places of names
There is a small village in the north west of Eisennach (Germany) which is called Sallmannshausen (Picture 01 and Picture 02) with 178 inhabitants on the river Werra. The southest town or village, as far as I know is Salmannsdorf next to Vienna (Austria).