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Hier findet Ihr ein paar Kuriositäten:

Ein Bild von Paul Sallmann (aber welcher nur - hat jemand eine Ahnung?)

dtkasper@ yahoo.com schrieb am 19.11.04 09:51:36:

Neuer Eintrag am 19.11.2004 um 09:49 Uhr von Donald Kasper:

MESSAGE: I have an oil on paper from Rothenburg of the Markus Tower, drawn by a Paul Sallmann. Is his someone in your family tree you can tell me about? The painting is undated, but the yellow color of the background paper tells me its at least 50 years old. The style is one of a very tiny brush, perhaps just a single hair was used to draw the lines in the painting. The title is hard to read but appears to say "Franveste n. Markus Tower". Is Franveste a street in Rothenburg? Thanks for the help.

Thank you for writing into my guestbook. This sounds very interesting.
Of course I have to guess, the painter could be my grand grand grandfather. But I am not sure if he ever has been in Rothenburg. I guess it is the town called "Rothenburg ob der Tauber". The Tauber is a river very close to the town.

Have a look here:
Markus Turm (German Link) and Markus Tower (English Link)
I have attached a picture of the Markus Tower in Rothenburg at the Tauber. Paul Sallmann was a priest born in 1853 close to Breslau (Guess: Bratislawa/Poland) died in 1923. Where are you from? Can you send me a picture of the drawing? Where did you get the picture?
Sorry for writing you so late, but the mail was sent and saved in a wrong file of my inbox.

Kind regards


Donald Kasper <dtkasper@ yahoo.com> schrieb am 25.12.04 07:00:21:

I live in Lancaster, California, USA. That is north of Los Angeles, California.
The art was given to my by a friend. She got it from her mother, who apparently visited Germany. I think he piece is at least 30 and probably 50 years old.
It appears to be an etching with additional ink or oil added. All the black lines making up the piece are ink that is clearly raised above the surface of the paper. The doorway on the left is built up blue ink.
All the flowers are oil or pastel done by hand.

The left corner says "Rothenburg o. Tauber" and "Franveste n. Markus Tower". The right corner appears to say "Original - Rendering" and "Paul Sallmann;".
The piece is the Markus Tower gate of Rothenburg. Due to the yellowing of the paper, it is an old piece.
Do you know if Paul Sallmann painted? Any idea what the piece may be worth?

A picture of the piece is attached.


--- Klaus Sallmann <ksallmann@ web.de> wrote:

Hello Donald,
thank you for sending me a picture from Paul Sallmann. I am not sure if the drawing was made by my grand grand grandfather, it might me. I do not know very much about him. He was a superintendent on a big farm: Paul Richard Oskar (*May, 28th,1853 - November 28th, 1923. I know my parents and their grandparents liked the town Rothenburg on the Tauber very much and they had quite a few pictures of the town in their launch. I am not sure, but I think I have seen a similar picture, but the tower was made as a Wall carpet. I don't kept it.

You are asking about a price, I think it has just a sentimental worth/price, if you know what I mean. From the distance I can not tell you and one have to see the original. I do not know if he painted. Here you find a few pictures. I have not translated the page yet.:
Sometimes you find additonal information on the backside of the picture. Did you check? Do you mind if I publish your picture on my Homepage?

Kind regards Klaus

From: Donald Kasper <dtkasper@ yahoo.com> ins Adressbuch 07.01.05 20:50
No, there is nothing on the back. Yes, you can certainly add it to your collection of online Sallmann work for your family history, for non-commercial use. Have fun, and thanks for looking around about the piece.
My family history from my father's side are all from east-Berlin. The name was originally spelled "Casper", but a great, great grandfather got tired of his mail being confused with all his other family members when they immigrated to the same town in the state of South Dakota (USA), coming from Germany in the early 1900's, so he changed it. Hey, maybe your relative was a local artist on the side, but it got lost through the wars. Perhaps this is your first clue.
Donald Kasper
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Und jetzt noch die Weinherstellung, auch hier sind die Sallmänner tätig:

... und gut hat der geschmeckt.